Externel memory of 2 Gb




Drip Feed device with a internal memory of 8 GB what you can connect to you RS232 port and than you can us it as a external memory.

You can simply send an read out programs or parameters.

You also can put programs or parameters on a USB stick to read in/out

Or you donít us the memory from your machine en let it work straight from Drip feed.

This device works extremely well also on older controls with a small memory !!

Fanuc,Siemens,Heidenhain,Mitsubushi,Bosch etc ,etc. 

Dimensions 120x180x35mm

Weight 350g

04 magnets

01 DC power supply port 7ų40V 2A

01 RS232 port (9 pins).

01 parallel port (50 pins).

01 double USB socket to connect USB Wi-Fi.

01 double USB socket to connect USB Flash Drive.

01 Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s port.

05 LEDs indicator

READY: ready to transfer alert.

SEND: data is transmitted alert.

Some design characteristics

REQUEST: alert the requirements signal from CNC in parallel mode.

NETWORK: status of the network connection.

ERROR: alert an error occurred.

04 functional buttons:

▲: go up

▼: go down

SET: select

RESET: restart the DNC One

LCD16x2 screen: display status, files list, setting parameter, alarm, ect.

Some types of CNC can use DNC One NET

FANUC,Mitsubishi,Yasnac,Mazak,Okuma,Heidenhain. etc,etc

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